Quickbooks File Repair Procedure

  • After completion of the data recovery service request page, you will receive FTP instructions to securely send us your corrupted or damaged data file for recovery. For Quickbooks 2006 and higher recoveries, it is important to send us both the QBW and TLG file as well as ANY older backup (QBB or QBW) of the Quickbooks data file.
  • We will analyse your files and send you an analysis report detailing exactly what can be recovered and what cannot be recovered. (In most cases we can recover everything without any data loss).
  • At this point you can choose either to go ahead with the recovery or cancel the recovery request.*
    • If you cancel the request, your payment will be refunded in full.
    • If you decide to go ahead with recovery, you will receive an email with instructions to download the recovered data file.
*Note: For prepaid customers, if your file can be repaired without any data loss, you will receive the repaired file as soon as recovery is completed.

Want help with Quickbooks Data Recovery?

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