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Quickbooks File Repair offers the fastest and best recovery service available!

We repair your data file in the same version of Quickbooks. You do not have to upgrade your version of Quickbooks to use the repaired data file thus saving you from purchasing additional software you do not need.

Use our data recovery services for files from any version of QuickBooks: version 1.0 (DOS) to the current Enterprise 2015. Our engineers use the same data recovery tools used by Sybase and Intuit -- Our success rate is over 95%! This is how we are able to offer our guarantee of no charge if we cannot recover your data file. We can even repair files or issues that Intuit is unable/unwilling to repair!

If you're having problems with your QuickBooks data, we can fix it. Guaranteed!

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Quickbooks Recoverable Error Codes:

Recoverable Quickbooks Error Codes :

The codes below are some of the common Quickbooks Error codes that are we can repair. This is not a comprehensive list and in most cases we can recover files with other related error codes.

  • Error ".QBW is not a Quickbooks data file or is damaged", "An error has occurred"
  • "Connection to company file has been lost". Quickbooks must close immediately. Any unsaved data will need to be re-entered.
  • Sybase Internal database error *** ERROR *** Assertion failed errors
  • Series -6000 Error Codes such as:  (-6000, -305), (-6150, -1006), (-6130, 0), (-6000, -30), (-6000, -82), (-6000, -301), (-6123, -nnnn), (-6111, 0), (-6189, -82), (-6210,0), "-6150 -1006", "-6177,0", "-1,0".
  • "Quickbooks has Experienced a Problem and Must be Shut Down"
  • All C=nn error codes: "Please restart QuickBooks and try again. If you continue to experience this error, please note the C= value and contact technical support"
    C=43 can't read transaction - usually incomplete transaction
    C=44 can't write transaction - usually incomplete transaction
    C=47 can't find transaction - usually while running a report or opening a file
    C=53 list item still exists after being deleted
    C=79 problem with inventory data
    C=88 problem reading one or more of the data trees
    C=225 error reading a transaction
    C=315 a generic error that can occur anywhere within QuickBooks
    C=342 usually followed by an IPF in APPCORE.DLL - damaged data tree
    Other C=121 (invalid account type) | C=291 (problem with templates)

  • Quickbooks Fatal Errors: LVL_FATAL_ERROR, LVL_ERROR; LVL_ERROR--** Corrected **
  • Quickbooks freezes or crashes, Unable to restore a Quickbooks backup file
  • Quickbooks data file cannot be used because it was not completely updated
  • Quickbooks upgrade errors, runtime errors
  • Unrecoverable Error: "QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close" or "QuickBooks has experienced a problem and must be shut down"
  • Error "This is not a Quickbooks data file or data is from a newer version."
  • "Error in reload.sql at line. Sybase mesage: Invalid option 'On_error' -- no PUBLIC setting exists"
  • Error upgrading data file: Error in reload.sql at line. Sybase message: cannot convert to a timestamp. The bad value was supplied for column/row of the data file.
If you have a Quickbooks problem that is not listed and want to know if it can be fixed, please send us an email describing your problem to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To send your file for a free no-obligation evaluation, please click the link below:

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Order our Quickbooks Data Recovery services with confidence -- your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer firm upfront pricing backed by a No-Data, No-Charge policy. If we cannot recover your data file, your payment will be refunded in full. You will receive instructions on how to send us your data files securely within 15 minutes of placing your order.

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