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Quickbooks File Repair -- 'No Company Open'
[Quickbooks File Repair 'No Company Open']

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Quickbooks Errors and Issues: 'No Company Open'

Error: This message is receiving whenstarting Quickbooks.
This is the message I am receiving when I open up Quickbooks.

Description: it is is just an introductory screen.To open your company file, either you'll see it on the list (this is most recently opened files) or use Open or Restore Existing Company, browse to the company file (and now it will show on the No Company Open list, as it now is a recently used file). When you are done using this file in QB, use Window menu > Close All. You might get pop up notice of transactions you didn't finish. Then, use File menu > Close company. This might take a few seconds as this is QB doing housekeeping, to safely close the company data file.

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