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Quickbooks File Repair -- Error code: C=291
[Quickbooks File Repair Error code: C=291]

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Quickbooks Errors and Issues: Error code: C=291

Error: Problem or damage with templates
This may be because the template type used to store this template is different OR Problem or damage with templates OR Template causing an error.

Description: These errors occur if one or more templates, such as sales orders and invoices , are damaged. To resolve this problem, edit and update the templates causing the error. Detailed Instruction: 1) Select the Lists menu and select Templates. 2) Click the Include inactive checkbox. If Include inactive is not accessible, you can proceed to the next step. 3) Click to select the first template in the list, and then click the Open Form button. If the form opens without error, close the template and move to the next template. 4) Repeat step 3 for each template in the list. 5) When the error occurs, close the form. 6) In the Templates window, select the template that generated the error. 7) Follow the step for your version of QuickBooks: * QuickBooks 2006 and later: Click the Templates button, select Edit Template, and then click the Additional Customization button in the Basic Customization window. * QuickBooks 2005: Click the Templates button and select Edit Template. 8) Click the Default button. 9) When prompted to continue, click OK. If this is a customized template, you will need to customize the template again after completing these steps. 10) Click OK to save the changes.

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