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Quickbooks File Repair -- Error code: C=1305
[Quickbooks File Repair Error code: C=1305]

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Quickbooks Errors and Issues: Error code: C=1305

Error: Error reading from file [file name].
Error occurs when installing QuickBooks. Error reading from file [file name].

Description: It can be occur if: The QuickBooks CD is dirty, The CD drive is damaged or The QuickBooks CD is damaged. To resolve this error: 1. Clean the QuickBooks CD. 1. Remove the QuickBooks CD from the CD drive. 2. Inspect the back side of the QuickBooks CD and check for dirt and smears. 3. Clean the back side of the QuickBooks CD with a CD-ROM cleaning solution and a soft cloth, using straight strokes from the center to the edge of the CD. 4. Place the QuickBooks CD back in the CD drive after cleaning it. 5. Install QuickBooks. 6. If the issue is not resolved, continue with step 2. 2. Install QuickBooks using a different CD drive. 1. Place the QuickBooks CD in a different computer's CD drive. 2. Install Quickbooks. 3. If the error does not occur, the first computer's CD drive may be damaged. Check with your system or network administrator (if you have one), the vendor from whom you purchased the computer, the manufacturer's Web site, or a local computer consultant for repair options.

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