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Quickbooks File Repair -- 80070057, parameter incorrect
[Quickbooks File Repair 80070057, parameter incorrect]

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Quickbooks Errors and Issues: 80070057, parameter incorrect

Error: Error: "80070057 parameter is incorrect" occurs when opening a company file located on a server
Error: Login error code 80070057

Description: If the error occurs because of double-clicking the data file icon, select the QuickBooks File menu and then select Open or Restore Company, and follow the instructions to browse to the data file. To confirm that BitDefender is blocking the QuickBooks communication, uninstall or disable BitDefender. If BitDefender was blocking the QuickBooks communications, QuickBooks will communicate without error and the error will not appear. Detailed Instruction: To configure BitDefender from blocking QuickBooks 1. Select the BitDefender 10.0 main menu and select Antivirus. 2. Select the Custom level. 3. Click Exclude path from scan, and then click the New item button. 4. Click the mapped drive or UNC path that is used to browse to the company file (for example, "Q:\"). communication:

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